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David Marquet - Intent Based Leadership: Create Leaders at Every Level

Our Partners

In an exclusive partnership across the UK and Ireland our Intent-Based Leadership model is brought to life by UK based Remarkable. Together we have developed a unique and innovative approach that provides practical, user-led, real-time ways that work for you to develop everyone in your organisation – not just your senior people – and transform your workplace. IBL develops #LeadersAtAllLevels

Remarkable has matched the innovation of our IBL approach to develop a truly innovative delivery method: most activity takes place live and on-the-job rather than in a traditional workshop setting. So, through interviews, observations and live feedback conversations to process analysis, real-life scenarios and on-the-job problem solving focuses on the actual challenges faced in the workplace. It gives people practical tools and techniques to practice everyday: from repetition and small step-changes to language and behaviours.

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New ways of working require new ways of leading. Our Agile implementation and transformation partner, goAgile, takes a common sense, pragmatic approach to implementing Agile ways of working to help clients reach their strategic goals. While goAgile’s transformation advisors are experts in the methodologies, goAgile’s niche is in helping leaders at every level change behavior using the mechanisms of Intent-Based Leadership™ to get value faster—so that the entire enterprise achieves maximum benefits from Agile ways of working.

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