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Later this month we’re releasing a new Master’s Course for Intent-Based Leadership.

This will be an easily-accessible online course with video lessons and live webinar sessions with me. It is intended to provide direct, coachable content to help you implement Intent-Based Leadership and get the support and assistance you need to leverage the greatest cultural change in your organization.

I know that Intent-Based Leadership can work for you because I saw the impact it had when I captained the USS Santa Fe. We produced leaders at every level, empowering people with competence and clarity and generating a cultural paradigm shift that turned our ship around!

Now’s the chance for you to turn your ship around! Before we launch this Master’s Course however, we want your questions and thoughts on Intent-Based Leadership and your organization.

These questions will help us to hyper-target the content and live sessions moving forward so that you can get the most out of the course.

On March 15th, at 12:00pm EST, a free, public live question and answer session will be available to answer the questions submitted and take more questions from the live audience.

We need your input and feedback to produce the best possible experience.



12 Noon EST

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Space is limited for this event however, so we encourage you to register early for the Q&A before space is exhausted.

For those unable to attend the live event, we will provide a recording.

Again, you can turn your ship around. You can inspire change from within your organization. You can produce leaders at every level.

Join us for the live event on the 15th, and get your questions answered.

Best regards,

David Marquet

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