IBL Master Course – David Marquet
David Marquet - Intent Based Leadership: Create Leaders at Every Level

Webinar and Master’s Course Details:

When, What and Why?

We asked you for your questions and, (wow!), you sent us your questions. We were stunned by your enthusiastic response and are eager to share more details about the two upcoming events with you.

All about the Webinar on Wednesday

On Wednesday, we’ll be having a free, public webinar where we will discuss the 3 overlooked ways to boost your team’s performance, we’ll answer some of your submitted questions, then answer some questions directly from the live attendees.

The webinar starts at 12 noon EST and will last about 45 minutes.

We want to share this webinar with you to show how Intent-Based Leadership can affect your organization and why the Master’s Course is such a powerful learning opportunity.

7 minute sessions, daily for 7 weeks with 5 live sessions with me, David Marquet. We’ll discuss Intent-Based Leadership, explore the tools at your disposal to make it work in your organization and watch as leaders grow from every level in your team!

We’ll identify and discuss the three pillars you need to cultivate leadership: Competence, Clarity and Control.

I’m going to teach you about the power of language: How changing just a few words can transform your team interactions.

Best regards,

David Marquet

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