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David Marquet - Intent Based Leadership: Create Leaders at Every Level

Careers at Turn the Ship Around!

“What Does It Take to Work at Turn the Ship Around!?”

Intent-based leadership is what the business world is desperately searching for. It not only energizes people and gives them hope—it rapidly and measurably transforms companies and lives. We have more opportunities than we can currently pursue, so we may need someone like you.

Our vision is to completely change how the world sees leadership—measuring leaders by what others accomplish around them, by how many leaders (instead of followers) they create at every level of the organization, by how well others are valued and encouraged, by how well the organization functions when the leader moves on.

If that’s a mission you passionately want to join, here’s how.

Current Open Positions

Here are our current open positions. (Please note: you need to complete the universal questions under Your Initial Interview, below, before applying for any of these. Be sure to read this entire page.)

Our Workplace Philosophy

We live what we preach—intent-based leadership. We use our own tools to do our own work, because we’ve learned from long experience that it is the best way by far. We don’t expect to be perfect at it, but rather to consistently and continually apply and improve on it.

We value measurable potential (what you can do) over experience (what you’ve done). What can you accomplish when you’re given more control and ownership? Are you an overlooked talent? If you’ve seen the Movie Moneyball, you get the idea.

We intend to be a heavily technology-based company, both using and creating disruptive technology to empower the leader-leader approach. Appropriate technology frees leaders to focus on issues instead of minutiae.

We use a mix of on-site and telecommuting work to accommodate our workers and partners around the world. Core team members, once they have proven themselves, usually need to move to our company headquarters in sunny Venice, Florida, USA. Nevertheless, telecommuting (and highly-dedicated contractors who see us as their most important responsibility) are important to our work approach because they allow us to vet, hire, and develop the best talent potential around the world.

We continually learn from each other and our clients. The group is always smarter than the individual. We listen, we value different viewpoints, then we synthesize and move forward rapidly.

We are agile. In business, to us this means: 1) it must not be perfect at first, 2) we get it out there quickly in the hands of real people who really use it, and 3) we rapidly and continually improve it based on actual feedback, not guesswork.

Consider those principles as you work through our hiring process.

Before You Start: Universal Prerequisites

These are bare minimum prerequisites for applying. (Caution: These are only a starting point—they do not describe everything we specifically look for in your interviews.)

  • You have read Turn the Ship Around! by David Marquet. (Available at the local library.)
  • You watched the YouTube video What Is Leadership? by David Marquet.
  • You are excited about implementing intent-based leadership in your work environment and the world.
  • You have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. (Currently all of our work is in English, but we intend to expand into other languages.)
  • You have a professional presence consistent with Fortune 100 dress, conduct, and grooming standards. (We work with companies of that size all the time.)
  • We have three other “golden prerequisites” (among others) for our people, but we won’t tell you here what they are yet. Instead, you will naturally demonstrate them as you move through this process.

Equal Opportunity: We do not discriminate on the basis of anything other than your potential and demonstrated ability to perform the work, where and when required, at the highest levels of professionalism, quality, integrity, and productivity using the principles of intent-based leadership.

Your Initial Interview

Your first interview starts now. Answer the questions below and send your replies to [email protected].

Your second interview immediately follows. Once you’ve answered the questions below, click the link(s) for the open position(s) you see at the bottom of this page to continue.

Do not send your resume. Your answers below tell us more than a resume about who you are and what you can become.

Do not send a novel. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Albert Einstein

Universal Questions

  1. Briefly introduce yourself to David Marquet and the team in writing, covering what you think is most important for us to know when considering your application.
  2. Create your own Leadership Nudge™, upload to YouTube or Vimeo, and send us the link. (Caution: Leadership Nudge™ is a trademark of Turn the Ship Around, LLC, so you will need to call it something else. Note: Fancy graphics and titles are not required. The substance of the video is what matters to us.)
  3. Did you write a review of the book on or elsewhere? If you did, share the link with us.
  4. Tell us your thoughts and feelings about intent-based leadership. What experiences and outcomes have you had in implementing its principles and mechanisms so far?
  5. Describe times when you demonstrated “ownership” when you weren’t the actual “owner.” What happened? How did you feel? Why?
  6. Do you have business experience of any kind? Explain, and tell us why that might be valuable to Turn the Ship Around! regardless of your position here.
  7. What is your degree of interest in social media? Where (links, please, if any) can we see your public social media pages/profiles or writings? (Social media presence is not a requirement for every role here.)

Your Second Interview: Open Positions

This is where your second interview happens. Click the appropriate link(s) and answer those questions, sending your answers once again to [email protected].

We must receive these answers (in addition to your first interview questions) to be considered.

Note: If the links below are not active, the position is under construction/consideration. Check back or use your initiative.

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