Job Description

Our Executive/Events Coordinator is crucial to Turn the Ship Around! Part Executive Assistant, part Events Coordinator, you “own” the details of our events, supporting our executive team, speakers, trainers, coaches, clients, and team to deliver flawless, company-transforming events. You will coordinate logistics (travel, needed resources, venue selection and setup, planning meetings, etc.). before and after the event to ensure smooth sailing for the team and maximum success and impact for the client. You will also handle many compliance and office tasks like responding to general client questions, government reports, and the like.

In this full-time (30-40 hrs/week) position you will work closely with David Marquet and Andy Worshek as well as our sales, travel, billing, marketing, shipping, content creation, and videography teams to plan and coordinate events, coordinate meetings, obtain and index video recordings for future use, follow-up after events for upselling possibilities, and maximize effectiveness of team members wherever the engine needs oiling and optimizing. You will also help manage the our relationships with respected friends and partners like Simon Sinek, Verne Harnish, and other well-recognized industry names to coordinate and synergize our companies’ efforts for mutual benefit

You will also use our designated technologies (and recommend new ones) including Google Docs, Dropbox, WordPress, Gmail, Google Calendar, iCal, Word, Excel,, MailChimp, Calendly, LastPass, and more, so computers (both PC and Mac) and learning/finding new apps need to come naturally to you. You will not be a programmer, but if technology scares you, this isn’t the role for you, because we are evolveing into a technology-driven company.

Compensation is hourly with paid vacation and holidays.

Your Second Interview Questions

To apply, send your answers to the questions below to: [email protected].

NOTE: You need to complete the First Interview Questions before continuing with these. And as a reminder…

Do not send your resume yet. Your answers below tell us more than a resume about who you are and what you can become.

Do not send a novel. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Albert Einstein

  1. What makes an excellent executive assistant? What is their goal? (How do they know when they are doing a great job?) What parts of that role do you like best, and which do you like least? Why?
  2. Tell us about a difficult event you organized or issue you faced in a work-like setting. Who spotted the need for the event or issue? Who analyzed what was really going on and what had to be done about it? What did you do about it yourself? Why did you do it that way? What was the outcome? What would you (or did you) do differently the next time?
  3. Suppose we’ve decided to start a new series of local seminars in five cities, six months from now. You will “own” (drive, manage) the project from start to finish. David Marquet will speak, along with one local coach/trainer from each city. Roughly describe/list any moving parts that you see that would need to be put together to make this happen. You don’t need to list 100% of the pieces but we’re interested in what you spot in ~10 minutes of thinking it over and how you describe it. How (tools, methods) would you organize all those pieces of the project and follow through to ensure success?
  4. You are responsible to get a video recording from a client, which is  important to us for marketing purposes. You reached out to them by email and by phone two weeks ago, with no reply. What would you do?
  5. A client wants to know if they can use David Marquet’s YouTube video in their company training. (They can as long as they run it from YouTube and don’t download the video, and we ask them to use our official link instead of the Inno-versity video.) Write the email you would send answering their question, including your signature lines at the bottom.
  6. What apps and office tools are your favorites? Why? Which have you disliked most? Why, and how did you work around those problems?
  7. What typos/errors do you see on this page?
  8. What are your hourly (30-40 hrs/week) earnings: a) survival needs, b) starting target for this position, and c) realistic goal within 2 years? (You must provide numbers, but we ask for these ranges to make it easier.)