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Your Rights under GDPR and TTSA’s Policies

Turn the Ship Around believes that everyone deserves the rights and protections provided by GDPR. We have made the commitment to comply with GDPR regulations and have decided to extend those protections to everyone we communicate with, no matter where they live.

Your Rights

There are 3 main protections under GDPR and TTSA’s policy:

  • The Right of Informed Consent

    You have the right to be informed of our policy and can expect to never receive an email from us unless you’ve explicitly requested it. This means you will never get spam from us, and you have the right of transparency with regards to our policy. You can read the full policy here.

  • The Right of Data Access and Portability

    You have the right to know what data we have collected from you and have the right to request changes to that data. We will provide that data to you in a timely fashion in a human readable format at your request.

  • The Right to be Forgotten

    If you have concerns or wish for your data to be removed from our systems, we will “forget you” from our entire system. This means any and all personally identifiable information will be deleted from our system. Any remaining, non-personally identifiable information, will be fully anonymized as to protect your privacy. Once you are forgotten, you will not be able to resubscribe to any of our lists.

To exercise any of these rights, you may contact us using the form linked below:

GDPR Request Form

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