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Call It What It Is

Have you ever had a meeting with your people and you’ve been frustrated because all you get is just a bunch of head nods?

I’m here with 17-year-old Roi Norber who just finished a term as a cadet commander for Civil Air Patrol Squadron in Chicago, winning an award for outstanding squadron within 6 months.

He has a great way of solving this problem.

Roi: Often times, when you have a meeting, people are just going to nod their heads and agree with everything you say. They think that the point of the meeting is just for you to tell them stuff.

That isn’t the case however. What you want to do, is distinguish between a meeting and a briefing. When you have a meeting, make sure that people know it’s a discussion, and that, regardless of their experience or rank, they are there to contribute and even bring dissent.

When you just need to get information across efficiently and quickly, then it’s a briefing and only one person is talking.

That way, when you have a meeting, the people who you’re having a meeting with will understand that they need to go and give dissent and have a conversation.

Your meetings will be more productive.

David: So there you have it: call it a meeting if you want dissent and discussion, and call it a briefing if you just need to get out information.

I’m David Marquet with Roi Norber and that’s your Leadership Nudge

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