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Push Authority to Information

Hierarchies exist in every organization that has people in them.

Most hierarchies operate like this; the people at the bottom have the information but not the authority to make decisions. So we create a system to channel information to the authority. People at the top make the decision and it comes back down to the people at the bottom to execute. This is the incorrect way to use hierarchy in thinking organizations.

The correct way is this; we take the authority for making decisions and we push it down to the people with the information. Not only will this create a more resilient, agile, and responsive organization, but it makes happier people too.

My leadership nudge to you this week is this:

Find a decision that is a candidate for being pushed to the next lower level in your organization. Complete this sentence; “When I think about delegating this decision, I worry that . . .”

Let us know how it goes.

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0 thoughts on “Push Authority to Information”

    1. davidmarquet

      I would say we should go step by step in small steps.
      Safer (and easier for them) than deciding is saying what they think,
      even safer is saying what they see (describe the situation, you say “tell me about…”
      Start there and move them up the ladder of leadership…
      see also ladderofleadership.com

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