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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Thank You

Leadership Nudge – Thank You!

Here at Turn the Ship Around, LLC our team is thankful for the opportunity to work with organizations that cultivate workplaces where people are happier, healthier, have more control over their work, and where everyone is a leader. Continue reading

Push Authority to Information

Hierarchies exist in every organization that has people in them.

Most hierarchies operate like this; the people at the bottom have the information but not the authority to make decisions. So we create a system to channel information to the authority. People at the top make the decision and it comes back down to the people at the bottom to execute. This is the incorrect way to use hierarchy in thinking organizations. Continue reading

Give A Compliment. PERIOD

For this weeks’ Leadership Nudge I want to give you a simple challenge that your team will appreciate. Continue reading

What Is Followership?

Nudge – What Is Followership?

For this weeks’ Leadership Nudge I want to talk about followership. Followership is embedded in the concept of leadership, but what is followership? Continue reading

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