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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Push Mute

Nudge – Push Mute

Leaders are good at reading people, and your teams are good at reading you. So leaders, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch a scene from your favorite tv show but with the sound off. Then describe what the actors are feeling toward each other. Then play it with the sound on and see how you did. Do it with a friend, it’s super fun. Continue reading

Leadership Nudge – Be Specific

Nudge – Be Specific

When you give praise, be specific. Don’t just say, “oh, good job!’ You miss a great opportunity to really reward the behavior that you want. When you want to reward things like grit, determination, attention to detail, great engineering practices, and other positive actions, say exactly that. Continue reading

Practice, Practice, Practice

Nudge – Practice Practice Practice

When we want to perfect our golf stroke, we break the stroke down into smaller pieces and practice each one until they become “second nature.” Similarly, when we want to perfect our leadership skills, we break the behaviors down into smaller pieces, or nudges, and practice each one until they become “second nature.” Continue reading

Tell Me About . . .

Nudge – Tell Me About. . .

Sometimes asking, “what do you think” can feel unsafe to your people. They might be wondering if the boss is trying to expose a weakness or set them up for later blame if things don’t go well. Continue reading

Practice Listening

Nudge – Practice Listening

Back on the USS SANTA FE, we had to be good listeners. Navy submarines do not have windows, so to know what was around us we had people trained to listen to the sounds in the ocean. Their ability to concentrate on what they heard made the difference between success and failure for us. Continue reading

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