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Monthly Archives: July 2015

State What You See

Weekly Nudge – State What You See

Our perspective defines our reality. Instead of stating what you think is happening, our interpretation…state what you see, the facts. Continue reading

What Will Work

Nudge – What Will Work

The next time someone brings an idea to you instead of responding with, “That won’t work” say, “How do you see this working?” Continue reading

Ask How You Feel, Not Fail

Good leadership is more like a sports camp than a history course. Our leadership abilities grow when we practice new skills. Like physical training, we need to practice the principles we learn. Continue reading

“Tell me what to do”…people will do it.

“Tell me what to do”…people will do it.

In the early 1960s Stanley Milgram wanted to learn how susceptible people were to doing what they were told. He was also curious about their willingness to obey an authority figure, even if an ordered action conflicted with their morals. Continue reading

How to Talk to Yourself

When talking with others the words we use matter a lot, and they matter when talking to ourselves as well.

Continue reading

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