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Make It Fair

Can you recall a time when you believe you were treated unfairly? Maybe someone else was selected over you or received recognition for your work? How did that feel and what did it do for your motivation? Continue reading

We See What We’re Programmed To See

Can the words we choose when seeking information from people affect the way they answer? Yes. Can the words we use actually change what we think we saw? Yes.  Continue reading

Introducing: How to Level Up using the Ladder of Leadership – Online Course with David Marquet

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When we give people control, we create leaders.
The purpose of the Ladder of Leadership cards is to make empowerment actionable and scaleable.

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“Too Busy” is an Issue with Clarity, NOT Time

Be attuned to when your team members are opening the door for help. Continue reading

10 Insights on Intent-Based Leadership — 33Voices Interview

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Moe and David Marquet catch up to talk about how to implement intent-based leadership in your organization. Click to listen in.

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Fix the Environment, Not the People. 4 Levers for Affecting the Culture.

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the series “Disruptive and Innovative Culture Change,” a weeklong effort co-hosted by Switch & Shift and the good people at Culture UniversityKeep track of the series here and check our daily e-mail newsletter for all posts. Don’t subscribe? Sign up.

We know that environment has a large impact on people’s behavior, yet as leaders, we are often too quick to blame a behavior on the person rather than the culture we’ve created. This is easier, because while they are responsible for their behavior, we are responsible for the culture. Continue reading

Weekly Nudge – We see what we value

We see what we value.

It is important to create an environment where teams feel free to say what they see because we all see different things. Of course this is true when we have distributed teams, but it turns out even when we look at the same scene, we see different things.

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