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Weekly Nudge – Community Building 101 – Invest in People

This past week I sat down with David Spinks, CMX Founder and Community Builder Expert for a day and a half of fun brainstorming and learning. Turns out, I had some misconceptions about community.

Community had always been a term I associated with social media and marketing. Communities were built by savvy companies in order to increase customer engagement. They started at the boundary of the company and were directed outward.

Well, here are the four elements that define a community:

  1. Membership
  2. Influence (members influence the group and the group influences the members)
  3. Fulfillment of Needs (members feel the community fills a need for them)
  4. Shared emotional connection

Communities are built on relationships, not just with the community leader or founder, but among all the members.

Just as companies cannot expect their employees to treat their customers with empathy unless the company treats the employees with empathy, any attempt to build an external community without a strong internal community will assuredly be detected as false and contrived.

However, even more significantly, the four elements of community create a pretty good description of a healthy company culture and one that is necessary for Intent-Based Leadership to work. We can learn something as leaders building the culture we need in our company from the work of community managers.

To learn more about communities check out cmxhub.com.

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  1. laura

    I find these Weekly Nudges very useful and easy to put into practice. This one stands out a bit from the others because it made me think about some aspects of leadership that I find especially tricky, such as how to create a shared emotional connection with people in your community that you don’t have much in common with or don’t particularly like. Unless you are able to hand-pick your team, there will always be some people that you really click with and some you don’t. Making sure that everyone feels equally valued is in my mind one of the biggest challenges, and so getting a practical nudge in that direction is quite helpful!

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