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What a Leader at FIFA would have said…

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Leaders set the culture and environment for their organizations. They do this through their personal actions and with their organizational design, whether they encourage obedience to orders from the top or independent thinking, responsibility and dissent.

When faced with a mistake by their organization, leaders will….

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Weekly Nudge – I don’t know everything, so I don’t know anything.

When a teammate responds “I don’t know” I know we have created a safe enough environment for people to acknowledge they don’t know something. However, I don’t like letting it sit with that – so we ask them “tell me what you know.”  Continue reading

Work That Matters – Podcast with Shawn Murphy

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The military is traditionally bureaucratic and driven by hierarchy. So what happens when a Captain in the Navy turns such tradition on its head? It’s an amazing turnaround. In this episode of Work That Matters, I talk with David Marquet. David is the author of bestseller Turn the Ship Around.

We talk about actionable ideas that can help you turn followers into leaders. Whether it be giving up control in a way that doesn’t lead to chaos or using organizational legacy to create clarity, there are plenty of actionable ideas.

Get ready to take notes. More great wisdom coming your way.
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Click here for the Podcast – Work That Matters Podcast – Shawn Murphy and David Marquet

Weekly Nudge – Three powerful words a leader can and should say…

Three powerful words a leader can say: “I don’t know.”

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Weekly Nudge – Community Building 101 – Invest in People

This past week I sat down with David Spinks, CMX Founder and Community Builder Expert for a day and a half of fun brainstorming and learning. Turns out, I had some misconceptions about community.

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Weekly Nudge – Praise Behavior, Not Ability

Praise the behavior you want repeated.

Not all praise has the same effect on people. During a study by Carol Dweck on Brooklyn fifth-graders, those that were praised for their behavior – “you must have worked hard,” were more likely to engage in challenging tasks than those who were praised for their ability – “you must be smart.”
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