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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Weekly Nudge – What we say matters… Fix the Environment, Not People

The environment matters a lot more than we think. Humans tend to attribute behavior to the person and underweight the impact of the environment. We do this to ourselves.

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Weekly Nudge – Give a Compliment…and that’s it.

Too many times when we give a compliment it is simply a prelude to delivering bad news. So here is your nudge…

The next time you give a compliment to a team member, give them a compliment and that’s it…

Sandwiches taste good. I personally enjoy turkey on sourdough, but I do not want a camouflaged knuckle sandwich when someone gives me feedback. Continue reading

Create Leaders at Every Level, Workshop – Agile Australia 2015

Join us for a workshop at the Agile Australia Conference in Sydney on June 16th.

Create Leaders at Every Level, Workshop: Practical steps on HOW to Delegate & Inspire your Team

Creating Intent-Based Leadership organizations results in a work place where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity. A place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work – a place where everyone is a leader.  Continue reading

Weekly Nudge – “You can help out by…”

Recently, at a fundraiser I was participating in, someone approached me and said “If you want to be helpful,…” and suggested something for me to do. Now, I might be more sensitive than most, but it irritated me because I wouldn’t have been there unless I wanted to help.  Continue reading

Weekly Nudge – Replace “We can’t…” with “How can we…”

The next time you are having a conversation instead of telling people “We can’t…” instead ask “How can we…” Continue reading

Weekly Nudge – What you do not know CAN hurt you…and others, follow up.

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