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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Turn followers into leaders. Start today – free chapter download, Turn Your Ship Around!

When we are clear on where we are going and have the tools we need to get there, we can truly accomplish remarkable things.

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“Are you sure?”…ask this instead…

Worker: “We think the best option is to move forward with the contract.”

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Manager Competence is tied to the Worker Well-being

Think: We can train our brains to have empathy for the people on our team by deliberately practicing their role.

Inspired by this recent research paper “Boss Competence and Worker Well-being” by Benjamin Artz, Amanda H. Goodall and Andrew J. Oswald.

Why Motivating Others Starts with Using the Right Language – @99u

The seven members of the offers team gathered for their weekly standup at the New York-based technology startup. There had been misconnects the previous week with the email marketing team and the design team resulting in an inconsistent message that didn’t showcase some of the best offers the group had worked to secure.

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