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Monthly Archives: July 2014

C is for Consequence

This is part 4 of 4 of the ABCs of Cultural Change.

The senior executives argued that any initiative that was not reflected in the company’s performance evaluation system wouldn’t stick. They called it accountability. Continue reading

Mowers Ahead! and the power of empathy

I had just turned the corner this morning onto my favorite stretch of the legacy bike trail when I saw the dreaded sign. Continue reading

Some of the questions I get…

Some of the questions I get… Continue reading

Smile at a stranger: You’ll be Happier

Gillian M. Sandstrom and Elizabeth W. Dunn of the University of British Colombia performed a study where they measured people’s moods after having interacted or not with their morning barista.  The study shows that those who smiled, made eye contact, and exchanged a few words with their barista were in a better mood afterwards.  The mood swings were of .5 and .6 points on a 1-5 point scale; a 10-12% improvement in mood[1]. Continue reading

Don’t thank the VIPs: How to Open Your Speech

How are you going to open your speech? I’m always a bit nervous when I get started so I like to have the opening nailed. Once I get going I’m ok. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Potential VA Secretary Mr. McDonald

Dear Mr. McDonald,

Congratulations on your expected nomination as Secretary of the Veterans Administration. Now for the work. Continue reading

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