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5 Ways the Best Think Differently from the Rest of Us

Bob Rotella, renowned sports psychologist and golf coach to the stars, is telling me a story. Several years ago, Jack Nicklaus was addressing a group and asserted he’d never missed a short putt in finals competition. An attendee argued with him, citing the date and tournament that Nicklaus did, indeed, miss a short putt. Nicklaus reasserted his statement that he’s never missed.

Of course he has missed.

Rotella says the point is that Nicklaus is saying in his mind, as he’s about to make that putt, he’s never missed. It doesn’t help him to think about the times he actually has missed. Those that want to be the best on the planet at something think differently.

  1. They play to be great; not avoid poor play.
  2. They have immediate amnesia, especially about misses.
  3. They pick tiny targets, not “down the left.”
  4. They approach practice with the same passion as a tournament.
  5. They focus on process; not outcome.

His most recent book is here.

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