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How to do the Q&A in your talk

Just a short post building on yesterday about giving speeches. I learned most of this watching Dan Pink give a talk. Continue reading

Give a Better Speech: Organize it Like Katy Perry

This blog is about organizing your speech. I had been working on this for over a year as a public speaker when I happened to watch Katy Perry’s Part of Me. And it hit me…organize the speech like a concert! Continue reading

B is for Behavior

Modules completed.

Vision Statement written.

Values Instilled.

The training is over…and…

Nothing changes.

Sound familiar? Continue reading

A is for Avatar…

Continued from the ABCs of culture change post.

This is the step you will want to skip, we almost did.

As we sat with the learning and development team our creative juices began to flow. Each idea like a dart flew one after another, we were unstoppable. The to do lists began to grow and content freely flowed. We knew exactly what the organization needed. Our goal of creating a course implementing leader-leader behaviors throughout the organization was coming together.

Continue reading

The ABCs of a high performing leader-leader organization

The ABCs of a high performing leader-leader organization.

The learning and development team for a major manufacturing team conducted a brainstorming session to build a scalable course for implementing leader-leader behaviors throughout their organization. We were able to sit in and assist in their process. The process boiled down to ABC – avatars, behaviors, and consequences. Continue reading

Loftier goals induce more cheating

The research. The action.

The research. Recent research by David Welsh, of the University of Washington, and Lisa Ordonez, of the University of Arizona, indicates that people given a very difficult goal to achieve are 84% more likely to cheat when trying to reach that goal. Unfortunately, we have seen first hand at the VA the deleterious impact of managing by goals. When workers were told to reduce wait times to 2 weeks, and were paid bonuses to do so, wait times were reported to drop to close to 2 weeks. Unfortunately the actual wait times were much longer.

The action. Reward and focus on processes. What the VA should have done was study what it would have taken within their internal processes so that patients would have been processed so efficiently that the resulting wait time would have been two weeks. That’s what works. Goals, such as increasing sales numbers or reducing wait times, are outcomes of processes.

5 Ways the Best Think Differently from the Rest of Us

Bob Rotella, renowned sports psychologist and golf coach to the stars, is telling me a story. Several years ago, Jack Nicklaus was addressing a group and asserted he’d never missed a short putt in finals competition. An attendee argued with him, citing the date and tournament that Nicklaus did, indeed, miss a short putt. Nicklaus reasserted his statement that he’s never missed.

Of course he has missed. Continue reading

What can money buy and what can’t it buy?

The audience of young CEO’s shifted uneasily in their seats. It was the first session after breakfast and Harvard Professor Michael Sandel was asking them uncomfortable questions. Continue reading

Play chess; learn grit.

One junior high school in the country has produced the #1 junior women’s national chess champion every year for the last 10 years. That same school has won a highly disproportionate number of chess championships and has so many highly rated players that Albert Einstein would only be #4 on the team. A well-heeled prep school? guess again. This school is IS318 in Brooklyn and services a community in where 87% of the families live below the poverty line. Continue reading

A new leadership manifesto?

I’m thinking of expressing a leader-leader manifesto (inspired by the Agile Manifesto)

How would you change this:

Leader-Leader Manifesto Continue reading

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