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Monthly Archives: August 2012

What motivates me: releasing the untapped thinking capacity of humanity

I feel like a reformed alcoholic. Attending the Naval Academy and working my way up the ranks of the submarine force immersed me in a hierarchical culture of command and control leadership. In this world, leadership is fundamentally about giving people direction, orders, telling them what to do. The focus of this type of leadership is on achievement, getting things done. It can be characterized by the phrase “take control.” Continue reading

How do we stay up with the immediacy of customer demands?

How do we stay up with the immediacy of customer demands?

The answer is in Business at the Speed of Now by John M. Bernard. Continue reading

What’s your organization’s level of trust?

One of the characteristics of organizations that have been successful in developing additional leaders is the degree to which they delegate decision making authority. We have started taking data with a 10-question survey (you can take it here) that asks employees where they see themselves in the organization (what level in the hierarchy) and how much they are trusted to make decisions. We decided to use the subjective verb “trusted” because in a self-reporting survey it seemed to better reflect independent verification for the organizations that took it. Continue reading

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