David Marquet – Intent Based Leadership
David Marquet - Intent Based Leadership: Create Leaders at Every Level
David Marquet, Commander of the nuclear submarine Santa Fe, realized during a simple drill, having one point of command was not only limiting to the efficiency of operations of the sub, it was downright dangerous.

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We had more enthusiastic feedback about David Marquet than any other part of the conference.


"We received rave reviews on David's talk from our people and customers."

Alchemy Systems

"Not only was David's presentation spot on, connecting with so many of our leadership principles, his delivery was sincere, energetic, insightful and genuine." - Don Balducci, Senior Advisor

CA Technologies

David Marquet is a powerful speaker displaying the unique ability to bring his understandable and thought provoking ideas about leadership to a diverse group. During the presentation, the group was captivated. He researched our company and geared his message, including examples, so that our staff found it easy to relate to. I highly recommend reading David’s book as I believe this is how our future leadership will look. Participating in one of his presentations will leave you energized and eager to start implementing his methods immediately.

Celebration Cruise Line

Highest rated speaker at the conference!

Daniel Markovitz

Markovitz Consulting, San Francisco

What is Leadership?

Turn the Ship Around!
From these beginnings, David Marquet molded the leadership techniques he developed on the Santa Fe into a system called Intent-Based Leadership™ for your organization to implement to create effective leaders at every level.
The takeaway? We change behaviors.
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