We are creating a certification program for Turn the Ship Around trainers and coaches. We offer certification for INTERNAL trainers (train and coach within the company where they currently work) as well as REGIONAL trainers and coaches (train and coach their own clients). If you’re passionate about Intent-Based Leadership, we’d like to join forces with you.

Together, we’re changing how the world sees leadership.

Instead of…

  • Take control, create followers.
  • Leadership measured solely by completed tasks.
  • Rigid leader-follower cultures of frustration, fear, and disengagement.
  • Leadership that depends on personality, so it doesn’t replicate and falls apart when leaders move on.

… your companies or clients will rapidly transform to …

  • Give control, create leaders.
  • Leadership measured by what those around them accomplish on their own initiative.
  • Leader-leader cultures of mutual respect, mutual purpose, personal ownership.
  • Thinking leaders at every level, which embed lasting greatness in the organization.

Two Levels of Participation

Our program is under development and rapidly evolving. If you apply and meet our qualifications, we will listen intently to your feedback and ideas as the program takes shape.

Option 1: Certified Internal Trainer and Coach:

  • Deliver certified Intent-Based Leadership coaching and training within the company where you work.

Option 2: Certified Regional Trainer and Coach:

  • Run your own coaching practice,
  • May find and develop your own contacts in addition to clients we provide,
  • Deliver Intent-Based Leadership training and seminars in your market(s) and language(s), and
  • Deliver Intent-Based Leadership telecoaching in your market(s) and language(s).

When we need to hire hire in-house trainers and coaches, we make the position available first to both of these groups.

Process and Benefits

At either level, we will train you and certify you, with these huge benefits* …

  • Training includes written materials, video training, group coaching sessions, private coaching community discussions, and shadow coaching.
  • There is a one-time cost for the certification training and an exam to pass, with periodic re-certification of your intent-based leadership skills to ensure that your expertise stays sharp and up-to-date.
  • You qualify to be listed in our directory of licensed Certified Regional or Internal Trainers and Coaches.
  • You will be fully licensed and authorized to use TTSA trademarks, content, systems, methods, and appropriate copyrighted materials in training/coaching internal or commissioned** clients. (This is very important to the organizations you serve, for compliance assurance purposes.)
  • We provide materials and frameworks for coaching, seminars, and corporate trainings.
  • Annual TTSA Trainer/Coach convention with training by David Marquet and TTSA experts.

… with these additional benefits for active** Certified Regional Trainers/Coaches …

  • We provide fully qualified direct lead referrals from TTSA (per capacity, plus past performance as measured in community reviews).
  • No re-certification fees.
  • Free participation in our online worldwide leadership training community (under development).
  • You train and coach your own clients as well as firms we refer to you in your markets who contact us asking for intent-based leadership coaching and training.
  • We provide video trainings and other training support materials for internal trainers and ambassadors you train, at no additional cost, as part of each training/workshop package. This creates strong added value for your training proposals.
  • We provide a dedicated, intent-based leadership savvy sales team to qualify and close your leads, if you wish, making it easy to build an intent-based leadership practice and focus on delivery, not sales.
  • As you participate in our online worldwide leadership training community, you build reputation and recruit companies to train and coach.
  • Free membership in our Private Certified Regional Trainer/Coach community area.
  • Hotline access to TTSA best practices advisor to handle difficult situations.
  • We certify and back up your work, so firms can engage you with confidence.

… and as a Certified Regional TTSA Trainer/Coach, your commissioned** clients receive these great benefits* …

  • They have a TTSA Certified Coach/Trainer to train their organization.
  • Their internal trainers become certified by us through you, with full written licensing/authorization/release for appropriate use of TTSA content, methods, systems, and trademarks in internal training during and after your training and coaching. (This is very important to the organizations you serve, for compliance assurance purposes.)
  • Online community membership included at no extra charge (premium) during their coaching and training time period.
  • Premium app (TBA) data/feature access for company members, depending on plan size.
  • We certify and back up your work, so firms can engage you with confidence.

If this sounds exciting, here’s what to do.

Option 1: To Become a Certified INTERNAL Trainer/Coach

To become an Certified Internal Trainer and Coach, simply email us at: [email protected]. Tell us about your interest in this certification and describe your current position(s) and where you work, and we will reach out. We will also add you to the list to be notified as soon as the certification training is available.

Option 2: To Become a Certified REGIONAL Trainer/Coach: Your Second Interview Questions

Certified REGIONAL Trainers and Coaches represent our firm officially even though they are often independent contractors, so we screen applicants thoroughly via our standard hiring process.

To be considered, answer the questions below and email to: [email protected].

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to complete the First Interview Questions before continuing with these.

  1. What region, niche, and/or special market are you interested in serving? Why?
  2. What qualities are required to be a great coach? Trainer? Share some real-life examples of those qualities in action. How did each situation turn out?
  3. What coaching methods do you prefer? Why? How well do they work? How do you know?
  4. What coaching experience do you have? What online resources describe that experience?
  5. How do you currently (or would you) find coaching clients besides those we refer to you?
  6. What are your current clients (if any) saying about you? Where?

We are excited about your interest and look forward to talking more!

*Benefits and program details are under development, subject to change. This is not a complete description of benefits, terms, and conditions.

**If you are accepted and certify, there is no annual fee to participate. Instead, a % commission is paid to Turn the Ship Around LLC to cover the cost of these benefits to you and your clients. Sales commissions are separate, and payable only if our sales team manages the sales process for you at your request.